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The Real Estate Journey

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What is holding you back from setting and achieving your investment goals? Most young, intelligent, and ambitious entrepreneurs know that real estate plays a major part in paths to future success. However, in a world that is overpopulated with contradictory ideas and how-to books, where do you start? How much money do you need? Whom do you trust?

The answer is simple: find a mentor who is where you want to be and follow in their footsteps. That always raises the next question though: How do I find a mentor who is hyper-focused enough to be successful AND has time to train me? This is where most investors get frustrated and decide to go it alone. Over the next decade, those ambitious investors will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning the value of a mentor.

Enter Brian P Simon, a successful real estate investor and business owner who, like most multi-business owners, always had regrets about not having the time to become a mentor. He knows that people need his knowledge in order to avoid costly failures and reach their freedom goals. Teaching and giving have been a passionate part of his life for over 15 years, and it shows in his latest book. The Real Estate Journey offers relatable stories and complex concepts broken down into bite-size pieces - all wrapped with an optimistic tone that has been compared to the best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad! If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious goals to achieve, you can't afford not to read The Real Estate Journey by Dr. Brian P Simon!

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